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UPDATE 24-JUNE-2019 : The functionality for local downloads (NON PRO) has broken as youtube has done some cipher code changes and I am yet to crack the code to allow those downloads, I am working hard to fix this, I know this is taking much longer then it used to fix this but rest assured I am working my best to mitigate this. This addon has provided succesful downloads since past 6+ years and will countinue to do so.

Pls. wait for the next version update for a fix for this, until then you can download PRO versions of the video if available. If you are having trouoble activation, pls. follow the guide here -

UPDATE 20-JUNE-2019 : Fixes the no button display bug introduced in previous verison, Do NOTE that the download will take a bit longer to appear then earlier and I am trying to fix that as well in next version.  Pls. update to just released latest v 15.2, get it from here -