The Ultimate Youtube Downloader For FREE

    We all know that youtube is the one of the most reliable network which gives us opportunity to watch latest videos online. It’s the service offering to browse sheer number of videos uploaded by individuals or communities which anyone can view, share, rate, add to favourites, report or comment. You cannot download youtubevideos directly to your database as none of such optionis given by youtube to its viewers. Youtube's Terms of Service clearly say the following: “You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.”

    Instead, there are some other tools to download youtube videos likesoftwares or sites or also some download managers which give the option of downloading videos from any video-sharing site. But yes, beware of scams out there which will guide you towards the useless advertisements or pirated sites or provide you fake download buttons.

    One of the smooth and convenient way to download youtube videos is using “EASY YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER”. Similar to its name, it is easy, fast, clean andalso a free multi-platform youtube video downloader. Once you try this downloader you will barely think of trying any other way to download videos on youtube.

    Easy youtube video downloader is actually an add-on designed for all major browsers with best features given to its users to grab high quality youtube videos. Once you install this add on extension from the site you will see a button displayed on your youtube browsing page to download videos(similar to the one shown in above image) which you can access whenever you wish to save the video in your PC.

    User Guidance:

    Nothing is simpler than using “Easy Youtube Video Downloader. You just need to google this site and open it the latest version of the software from the link given on the home page applicable for all major browsers. It’s a short setup file which will install the software on your PC after you click on Install. Launch the software and follow the steps:
    Click the shown button to start video download
    It has an instant single click function to save videos in Full HD 1080 P MP4, FLV, 3GP and MP3 formats in fastest speeds. You can use it right from the youtube page you are browsing without heading to an external software or third party website riddled with advertisements. The best part of this add-on is its very simple to use, it has an elegant download button which is very explicit, shows what exactly is needed and does not clutter the interface with unwanted details, unnecessary options and configurations.
    Youtube video download format selection menu

    As mentioned above, it has a direct access to the formats like MP4, FLV, 3GP and MP3 given to its users who wish to download. SO you don’t need to download the video in one single format and then convert it into the desired one. Both the options of downloading and converting the video are available on one click. The speed of the download is lightning fast which helps you save all the large video files into your database within no time.

    Let’s have a short look on some of the key features of Easy Youtube Video Downloader.

    Ability to convert youtube videos to MP3
    Easy Youtube Video Downloader has an option to convert Youtube Videos into MP3 with a single click which comes with two qualities, 128 KBPS for space constraint older devices possessed with codec and 256 KBPS for high quality audio which can be played on high configured equipment’s and devices. The sound quality is very good without any eerie noises or high-low sound waves rather they are very pleasant to listen.

    Youtube video download format selection menu

    Instant Ability to convert youtube videos to full HD-1080P Quality

    Whenever you want to download youtube videos in a high definition in your PC, select the desired option from the wide range of formats made available by Easy youtube video Downloader right from 1920 X 1080 FULL-HD MP4 or 720P High Definition qualityincluding FLV, 360P MP4, 3GP and more. This single click select option will allow you to download as well as convert the video in high standards and also in fastest speed.

    Elegantly designed ADD-ON which is convenient and useful

    Easy youtube video downloader is an add-on which gets install very quickly on any browser you often use so it is way better than other various methods to download youtube videos. Due to this, you find it easier to grab and store your favourite videos from youtube on your PC in a most convenient way. Not only it saves your time beingwasted in coping and pasting URL’sinto other sites but also it restricts you from launching other external software’s. Hence, it’s the fastest way to download youtube videos.

    Overall it’s probably the best free multi-platform youtube video downloading tool which will suite your downloading needs and let you access the files whenever there is no internet. But, before you use it, it is recommended to go through the privacy policy mentioned on the site.

List of available Youtube video and audio download formats