Fix for Youtube player Error :

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2020-03-31 08:33

Recently many users have started getting this error while trying to play any Youtube video. The error simply says, "An error occurred. Please try again later.", here's a fix for it.

Youtube playback error screen

The errror started appearing due to inclusion of "block rule" - into one of the world's most used adblocking list EasyList. So, in short if your adblocker is using this list it will cause the above error to appear. To check you can simply disable your adblocker and REFRESH the page and the video should play. For a proper fix keeping ad-blocking working you need to whitelist the said url in your adblocker. Here is an example for uBlock Origin.

As you can see uBlock Origin is blocking our request to, as shown below (2nd line in red).

We simple need to click the Blocking rule and edit it like shown below to FIX this. Make sure everyting is exactly as shown in setup below.

Youtube Player Playback Error Solution


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